Best Software or Tools to Access Linux Partitions from Windows Hard Drive Partitions

This is the useful article for Linux OS user. If you are using dual operating systems on single computer with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows.

When you are using Linux platform sometimes you need to access your files from Windows, now you are thinking about that How to access Windows Partitions on Linux platform using tools or software.

There is tools with the name DiskInternals Linux Reader which is access the Hard Disk partitions easily from Windows platform.

DiskInternals Linux ReaderDownload

DiskInternals Linux Reader is a application software, and it is provide access to Ext2 and Ext3 Linux partitions from Windows.

Using this tools you can easily extract/access files from those Linux partitions to your Windows partitions.

Ext2 Installable File System for WindowsDownload

There is also another tools available with the name RFSD: Reiser Driver which is allow you to read and write access or give  permission to Ext2 & Ext3 File System from Windows.

RFSD: ReiserDriverDownload

This tools is very useful for newbies. Download it and install, and check how it useful.

Any other tools that I missed out? Tell everyone in the comments.

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